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Don't settle for anything but the best for your crafted beverage. That means low packaged oxygen, the cleanest equipment and a dedication to quality control.



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Available for canning, and non-canning clients. Cans, bottles, tanks. Ship us samples or have us show up at your facility



counter pressure filling

Lunar Mobile Canning uses a CODI-CCL 45 which offers substantial benefits over open can fillers 

Lower Dissolved o2 than open fillers

handles canning at warmer temperatures

capable of high carbonation levels ( >3 vol.)


better CO2 can purges

under-lid Co2 application

Bubble breaker reduces headspace O2

 more effective cip  


canning services

Lunar Mobile Canning offers everything you need to package and market your well crafted beverage in a can


Nitrogenate your beer or coffee for a unique taste and mouthfeel or use nitrogen as an inert packaging gas for still beverages.


Can rinse

Every can goes through our twist rinse where it is cleaned with a no rinse sanitizer

can size variety

355 ml , 473 ml, 568 ml, 500 ml, 375 ml

Coming Soon!  Slim 250ml 



We bring a depalletizer and post-fill rinse and dryer conveyor to make everything flow smoothly

shrink sleeves

We can apply beautiful shrink sleeves to cans on a need-by-need basis. 


Date Coding

Print "canned on" or expiry dates


We have blank cans, ends, trays and PakTech carriers ready to go if needed. Ask about sourcing other packaging materials.


can storage

Empty can warehousing options

Quality Control lab services included with every canning run

TPO Measurement

Total packaged oxygen is measured throughout run with our gas analyzer, shaker and piercing device.


clean machine

Our line can tolerate up to 82°C temperatures and handle caustics and acid cleaners. Chemical titrations, PAA strips and ATP swabs accompany our CIP reports.


Double seam inspection

Full inspection with video imager and software. Regular checks for seam thickness, seam height, countersink depth, seam gap, body hook, cover hook, and overlap


Fill Level

Every can verified for acceptable fill volume with calibrated scale

ATP testing

Empty cans, fill heads and beverage contact sites swabbed for ATP to ensure sanitary conditions prior to canning


D/O and CO2 

Know how much oxygen is picked up from our canning run. Dissolved O2 measured at-tank and in can. CO2 also measured at-tank and in can.


What we bring

We'll bring the can line but the rest is all optional. If you have cans, labels and all your own packaging material that works for us! If you need us to source all or some of your packaging solutions we can handle that too.

what you provide

Mostly, we just need your beverage cold and ready to package but we also require power (220 V, 30 A), a water source and CO2 (ask about details). 


Why Choose Mobile?

storage and space

Your facility's real estate is expensive. Empty cans, filling equipment, and pack-in/pack-out areas take up a lot of space. Our gear leaves with us, leaving you with just filled cans.


Yes, purchasing your own can line can make long term financial sense if you can manage the costs but there are other ways to invest in your future that can't be as easily outsourced. Increasing tank capacity, expanding a tasting room/patio, adding a kitchen/eatery are all proven ways of improving your long term bottom line.

no hidden costs

Sure, at first the price of a can line may look manageable, but have you considered all the costs associated with canning? Depalitizers, twist rinsers, date coders, conveyors, labelers all add up. QC equipment   can run up the price astronomically. The quality of the can line itself is important-how reliable is its seamer, how much oxygen does it pickup?


Leave the packaging to us while you invest man hours in perfecting your product. Don't worry about high or low periods of sales, only pay for our labour when you require it. 


troubleshooting and maintenance

We maintain all our machinery and have the expertise to run it effeciently. We have the spare parts and the means to fix any issues that come our way.


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