Nitro Canning

Lunar Mobile Canning uses a Chart UltraDoser for its nitro canning applications. Small amounts of liquid nitrogen are added to the beverage after the can is filled but before the lid is seamed.  This technique has two applications.

The first is to nitrogenate the beverage and add a creamy mouthfeel and beautiful cascading effect to beverages such as coffee or beer. Dose amounts can be adjusted to give a small or a large effect. A widget is not necessary with this technology.

The second application is to add it to flat beverages to add pressure inside the can and give it rigidity. Without it, the can would be squishy and be susceptible to damage by handling. Since nitrogen is an inert gas, it won't affect the flavour. Not much nitrogen is needed for this application so only a small dose is added-not enough to nitrogenate the beverage.