mobile lab services

Serving canning and non-canning clients

Have control over your product. Measure and improve. 

We use some of the industry's leading names in instrumentation and analysis tools. Depending on the service we can show up at your facility or you can send us samples to test at our location.


On-Site Services


Total Packaged Oxygen Testing

Cans and Bottles

Measure TPO on packaging day using a dissolved gas analyzer, shaker and a piercing device.

  • Ensure low TPO levels and better shelf stability
  • Troubleshoot filler issues
  • Seek improved filler operation
  • Measure packaged dissolved CO2 simultaneously.

At-Tank Dissolved Oxygen Testing

Measure dissolved O2 and CO2 right off any tank or keg

  • Bright tanks, ageing tanks, fermenters, kegs
  • Ensure tank purges are adequate/not overkill
  • Analyze carbonation volumes
  • Troubleshoot and improve processes to keep out oxygen
  • Combine with TPO testing to reduce overall O2 pickup

On-Site/Off-Site Services

Full Double Seam inspection

Analyze can seams using measuring gauges, seam saw, video imaging and software, 

  • Measure seam thickness, seam height, countersink depth, seam gap, body hook, cover hook, overlap
  • Precise instruments/software reduce human error
  • Troubleshoot seamer heads
  • Send us cans or have us show up