"As a brewer, I've seen the heart breaking results of sub-par packaging. To put so much sweat into making an excellent product only to see it ruined in the package was a major strain. High oxygen, low CO2, amateur labels, loose seals, you name it. It's just hard to see so much work put it, only to be less than it could be when it finally reaches the consumer's hand. "

With aspirations to open his own brewery, he realized the immense amount of capital it would take to properly can beer. Instead he invested in the best small canning line and QC instruments in order to bring the highest level of excellence to even the smallest producers. With a commitment to producing the best product from grain, grape or fruit to glass, he understands the effort it took to get all the way to the tank, He wants to take it the rest of the way with the same level of commitment and passion as you have you have for your beverage.